There are some psycho women out there. <br><br>A coworker of mine, who works overnights, had broken up with his gf a couple of months ago. Well, apparently she had been calling him at work wanting to get back with her...and trying the honey trap- sex. But he refused.<br><br>Then the calling stepped up and she would even call when I got there in the morning, hanging up when I answered.<br><br>She even started calling the main office of work and accused him of selling/doing drugs around her kids! And she even called his other place of employment (a HS where he was a basketball coach) and said the same thing!!<br><br>Of course when the A.D. at the HS told her to come in and make a formal complaint, she hung up!<br><br>So this goes on, with her calling, for a few weeks. I advise him to go take an EPO (emergency protective order, basically a restraining order) out against her. Which he did and the night before the court date, while he is in Atlanta visiting his brother, wouldn't you know his house burns down! [Eek!]<br><br>Everything is gone...this is a 46 year old man with 2 kids. Pictures...everything. Damn sad thing.<br><br>So the arson investigator said the fire was started in 4 places..yup..deliberate.<br><br>He has a hard time grasping it...still emotionally hurt. Told me that he is afraid that he might run into her and then he would be going to jail.<br><br>Proving that she caused the fire is gonna be difficult...only hope is that they either find evidence or she admits to it.<br><br>Oh, the basketball coaching job? She kept calling and talked to someone in the head office and when they did a background check, found a misdemeanor charge he forgot to include that happened years ago. Yeah, it's his fault, but damn...So they requested either he resign or termination would begin.<br><br><br>Guess I better start doing background and psychological testing on potential girlfriends! <br><br>
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