Well, I finally decided to register a username. I have been following the lounge threads for quite some time now looking for anything interesting. I know quite a few of you from MacCentral and that already makes this place seem like home. Oh, and if you post here under a different handle (like luciferase) ...and don't mind letting others know you post at MC ...let me know who you are <br><br>To the rest of you I'll give a little bit of an introduction...<br><br>My name is Zach, I am a Graphic Designer and I also keep our Macs up and running at work (including network administration on our Xserve) so I know quite a bit about the technical Mac crap so I might be able to help you guys out sometime . I own an iPod, a Quicksilver PowerMac (733), and a new G4 iBook. I'm into applescript and Folding@home (and applescripting F@H ) ...hope to get to know you all a lot better<br><br>Gotta go mow my grass right now ...I'll be back later to continue blabbering <br><br>