But you may be able to find some shareware or use iTunes itself to export some songs and convert them and burn them with Toast. It may take more work but I don't think impossible. Especially if you get a larger hard drive. It's a shame to not get them backed up for what they cost. I know you can burn them as files for back up if not convert them for audio CDs which we are trying to get. I have an iPod and I have to jump through hoops to get my husband's stuff burned on CD. The hard part is we each have our own iTunes accounts and separate computers, mine is a TiBook G4 400, his is my old one the G3 350. So I can move his stuff onto the iPod but it doesn't let my computer burn it. I found a script that does. It can be convoluted but generally someone has written a program to work around. If you decide to get a burner, look on MacUpdate or VersionTracker for converting song files. Maybe someone has tried this? Search all the Mac forums. Now that I've confused the heck out of you good luck and enjoy the music. <br><br>
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