I know it is off topic as cats don't even like apples .. but on the contrary John I don't think you are rambling too much ... yes I think it is a sensible idea not to have animals if you live in the city, in an apartment say.<br>However as a child I have been torn apart and I have seen other children torn apart by cats. They are most vicious when aroused. Though I have equal fears handling any small wild animal .. anyone here tried to handle a screaming, scratching and kicking wild rabbit? kitten?<br>People who have been mauled by dogs have every reason to fear them.<br>Cats I have no problem with if they stay in Persia/Siam/ Burma or wherever they originated.<br>No cat can be tamed or trained ... this is why people have problems with them... those that keep cats are trained by the cats ... not the reverse as the cat owners may think.<br>Dogs can be trained and despite the obvious dangers of such strong and violent beasts they can be and are trained to see themselves as subordinate to their master. This is impossible with cats.<br>Just don't bring any more to Australia as they will only be shot. :)<br><br>..

but where will we be when the future comes?