This petition is speaking to the U.N. This is what the anti-slavery group is asking for…<br><br>I therefore urge you to:<br><br>1.) Demand the UN send troops to stop the slaughter NOW. The UN must stop the murderers, bring food and medicine to starving people.<br><br>2.) The UN must conduct an investigation into reports of slavery in Darfur.<br><br>3.) The UN must reverse the ethnic cleansing and ensure the safe return of Darfuri refugees.<br><br>4.) The UN must ensure those leaders and officers responsible for genocide face an international tribunal.<br><br>5.) The UN must remove Sudan from its Human Rights commission.<br><br>6.) The UN must campaign to free all the slaves.<br><br>This has nothing to do with Iraq. I know that many people have this sort of "over there" feeling about the rest of the world, but it is not like that.<br><br>hayesk, I am just glad you didn't give your usual response of…<br>'well if you care about {a} then what about {b}. I am passing around information that I think is worth while. I don't know why people waste their time saying all of this nonsense. Either you agree and you take action— join the rally, sign the petition, etc.<br><br>I am not trying to argue with anyone. Do you/they feel guilty in some way? I can not see how this would be offensive to anyone.<br><br>If you want more information, it is all right there. For example:<br><br>Don't Turn a Blind Eye to Sudan's Slaves<br><br>