There is a difference between reading and making sense of what you read. <br><br>You're like a parrot that just repeats anything it hears without understanding the meaning behind it. <br><br>I made as much sense as I could out of it, but clearly you didn't understand what I was saying. I'm guessing you just saw my name on a post, switched off your brain...again, and threw one of your oh so original posts to me.<br><br>You are like so many that charge into a room, hollering about the sky falling, but when asked what the solution is, you have none, or worse, you say, lets all make hand made signs and walk in a line. <br><br>How do you end world hunger? Make a sign<br>How about curing Aids? Make a bigger sign.<br>Oh look, people in that country are hungry because their ruler is pocketing all of the foregin aid. What now? Make lots of signs and walk in a big crowd.<br>The Government is prying into our personal lives, allowing abortion, stem cells, illegal wars.... I know. Lets all lay down in the street until the cops have to drag us away.<br><br>Yeah, that'll show'em. (rolling eyes)<br><br><br><br>"You're off the edge of the map, mate! Here there be monsters!"