<br><br>We cannot stand by.<br><br>30,000 civilians are dead. 1 million have been forced into the desert with no water. 400,000 more will die of starvation...unless we act. In the South, tens of thousands are still<br>enslaved, and thousands are still being driven from their lands, despite peace accords. Rights groups call the situtation in Sudan's Darfur region the "worst humanitarian crisis in the world." Yet, the international community is standing by as Darfur's Africans are being slaughtered by Sudan's radical Arab regime.<br><br>Come tell UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, Harvard's commencement speaker, to ACT against the hell in Darfur. "Never again" means action.<br><br> How YOU can help end the atrocities in Darfur<br><br>If you live in or around Massachusetts, you can join us for a rally at Cambridge Common in Harvard Square on June 9th to personally deliver the abolitionist message to Kofi Annan. Alternately, you can sign the online petition or make a donation<br><br>