This shall be short since it is no more than an electronic sigh.<br><br>The current price war in computer components again reminds me how shallow many people are - this is mainly directed at PC people (those who make purchasing decisions) but does reflect some on Mac folks as well.<br><br>There are articles about how smart Dell's decision is to not be undersold. But that depends on them getting the least expensive components - inevitably driving down reliability. Some costs can be cut by making components that don't have the lifetime - since computers are used for a few years and then disposed of, but lifetime is measured statistically. So the lifetime of the average hard drive may be three years to make it the same as the useable lifetime - but that means that half of the hard drives will fail before that. <br><br>People are buying lots of cheap computers and then are outraged when their computer dies prematurely! They want a low cost machine that runs reliably until they are ready to upgrade. <br><br>But those two measures: cost and reliability, are inversely proportional; you can't have it both ways.<br><br>But we insist on it, and then say that the companies are "ripping us off" by selling unreliable machines - and then people go right back and buy another one! <br><br>This has been said many times, many ways. I hope Apple continues to insist on greater quality and I'll continue to buy a "more expensive" machine that lasts. We all have stories of Macs that are still runnning great years after we bought them. <br><br>