Well Kate, I know that in Australia we have always had a book called "what bird is that" by a great man an artist Neville W. Cayley who painstakingly sketched and painted every known bird in Australia. This book was reprinted and reproduced by his nephew or some such later, after the author was long dead. Amongst the reprints was one book of all of the original paintings. Notably, amongst these later publications was another and it was called "What bird Call is that".<br><br>Now this was a collaboration between the nephew and another whom recorded sounds with a parabolic dish. I have no idea whether one such book has ever been published in the US of US birds but that should help you look as I am sure there will be a similar title if it exists ... if not then hire a good sound engineer, show him a parabolic dish microphone and put him to work and do it soon before there are no birds left to record.<br>Yes I have a couple more tapes along those lines which are on the "dawn chorus" or the wetlands bids sort of thing ... I must record them all to CD must !<br>Although all I need is a parabolic microphone as I get the most marvellous dawn chorus out, being between the hills and the lakes... the sounds roll down out of the hills and through the mallee then comes towards me with the sun. I start hearing this chorus in the absolute dark and some two or more hours later the sound finally reaches me and settles all around me as the sun begins to be fully awake.<br>I definitely get different birds sounds than are on the dawn chorus I have on tape. As I live in a different area to the recorded songs and I thus have different birds.<br>I am off to go find a parabolic dish.<br> <br><br>..

but where will we be when the future comes?