Sorry for length but wanted to explain all. <br>OK, here's an interesting one. Have been hving isssues with a X machine here at work (slow to respond, the apps unexpectantly quitting, and the occasional kernel panic). Took machine off line until I could take a look at it. Checked HD space remaining - 0k (from 20GB HD). Checked file sizes for individual student Home folders...found one being calculated at 4TB (yes, it really read 4 TB!). After much searching I find the offensive file to be students Library folder, buried in the cache for Safari. Couldn't just dump the cache folder as the Empty trash would bring up error. Narrowed it all down to one cache file weighing in at 4TB. Looged out, booted into UNIX as root, tried to delete but won't allow me to (as Root...with SUDO command!). OK, logged out, started up in Firewire disk mode and dusted off my one remaining OS9 machine to run Norton (gasp!). Found the file and treid to run Wipe on it....not allowed...error message. Check file size - OS 9 sees the file as 4096 GB. At least we are consistant! Treid to write over file in OS luck. Went back to UNIX on troubled machine and tried to CHMOD the file, but always comes up with "Read-Only file". I am stumped. I know I could reinstall, but I don't want to loose all the student work they have done...WAY to close to finals. HELP PLEASE!<br><br>