treebeard -- wow!! <br><br>um, what is it?<br><br>the original poster was looking for information to allow him/her to do searches from the address bar/line of the browser. i do this and it is most convenient. instead of typing http://etc. i just type a ? and then the term i want to use. when i hit the enter key, the term is searched and results in google are returned. very easy and quick.<br><br>i don't want an extra google search window on my browser. i already have all of my buttons up above appearing as text-only. i want as much real estate for the webpages and that is what makes this hack so valuable to me. any time i want to search google, i can quickly hit the tab button into the address bar and type my quick ? and term and...ta da! i have a google search appearing.<br><br>[color:blue] -sean</font color=blue>