As is typical, the bookmarklets presented on Google's page<br><>for IE5/Mac are not<br>as fully featured as those for IE5/Win it's not that it's not<br>technically possible, they are just lazy. However a quick bit of<br>javascript research identifies the key<br><br>below is the modified windows version to work on the mac <br><br>javascript:q=(document.frames.length?'':document.getSelection());for(i=0;i<document.frames.length;i++){q=document.frames.document.getSelection();if(q!='')break;}if(q=='')void(q=prompt('Enter text to search using Google. You can also highlight a word on this web page before clicking Google Search.',''));if(q)location.href=''+escape(q)<br><br><br>this is the original windows version<br><br>javascript:q=(document.frames.length?'':document.selection.createRange().text);for(i=0;i<document.frames.length;i++){q=document.frames[i].document.selection.createRange().text;if(q!='')break;}if(q=='')void(q=prompt('Enter text to search using Google. You can also highlight a word on this web page before clicking Google Search.',''));if(q)location.href=''+escape(q)<br><br><br>the difference is obvious: the phrase -<br>document.selection.createRange().text is replaced by the much simpler<br>document.getSelection() on the mac.<br><br>The same should hold true for GreyMatter, yet to test this, but handy<br>to know/use<br><br>There is also similar codes for Netscape but NS is limited to 500<br>chars in a bookmark, meaning some of the niceties of the script must<br>be left out. NS uses the same document.getSelection() as IE for mac,<br>so the IE5/Win one would probably work with Netscape 6/Mozilla<br><br>The challenge now is to work out if it is possible to hack IE5s menus<br>to embed similar javascript call in that, to enable the right click<br>version that the IE5/Win GreyMatter supports. One could envision<br>contextual clicking on a URL and being able to search google for<br>related URLs<br><br>Can you also test this with IE 5.1 for OS X?<br><br><br>=============================================================<br>|[i] "Behold the Turtle, he maketh no progress ==== until he sticketh out his neck." |<br>=============================================================

but where will we be when the future comes?