I don't put much stock in rumors, however I have it on good authority that Apple is in fact working on some iApps that are not necessarily new, but improvements and integration on something they already have. If the rumor of a "HomePage" iApp which would bring the current features of the online HomePage builder right into the finder. Plus, an option (if the rumor is true) to have the .Mac address automatically forward to your IP address (DHCP or Static) would be HUGE. Essentially, everyone with a Mac could have their own webhost for $100 per year (the cost of .Mac). Suddenly the cost of .Mac will silence its critics.<br><br>Below is the text from SpyMac's front page:<br><br>Apple's .Mac features a web application called HomePage, an online assistant that guides users through the often complicated steps involved in creating a web site. It won't be long until HomePage access will be available directly from the Mac OS X finder, says sources. <br><br>Although currently referred to as iSite among developers, the name of the actual application will stay HomePage. The features, too, are not dramatically changed from the online version. The purpose of HomePage OS X is to interface with a previously reported upcoming .Mac feature: dynamic IP tracking. <br><br>Together they form Apple's solution to modern local web hosting and, eventually, simple video broadcasting. <br><br>Purportedly, users will have the ability to make their .Mac web page URL redirect to their own computer. If a connection cannot be made (if the computer is turned off, for example) the traditional online version of the site will be displayed from Apple's servers. <br><br>"Development is progressing rapidly these days. Don't be surprised to see this capability exploited as the primary marketing angle for 10.3," says the mole. <br><br><br>[color:red]What? I don't understand. What?</font color=red>
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