My wife fired up her Wallstreet PB, running OS 9.2.2 tonight, and had lots of strange behaviors, which ultimately led me to do a clean install of the system to bring the poor thing back to life.<br><br>This is what happened:<br><br>First, she couldn't print, and called me up to see if I could figure out what was wrong. She's printing to an HP USB printer via a USB card (which also allows her to use a Logitech USB 2-button scroll wheel moust). Everything was plugged in ok, the PC card was snug in the slot, the cables were fine. I then tried to open the HD to see if somehow the driver had been lost (stranger things have happened). And I couldn't get the HD to open. I mean, the icon emptied out, as it does when you open something in classic, but no window came up to show me the contents of the HD. I then tried to do system-type stuff, like open the Chooser, and there was just no response at all.<br><br>So I rebooted from the DW CD, ran DW, and rebooted from the HD. Same behavior, except this time it took forever for the icons to appear on the desktop.<br><br>I tried opening the HD again, and now the window appeared, but with no icons showing in it. When I clicked in the HD window, two of the folders did show up, the Applications folder and the System folder, but nothing else. And when I tried to open those folders, again no window showed.<br><br>Since I couldn't get to the Chooser, I couldn't transfer her files to my tower, so she started getting really worried that she'd lose what she had been working on (and, of course, she hadn't backed up for a while). So I said, don't worry, this is a Mac, not a Windoze machine, and smiled.<br><br>I took the laptop downstairs, booted from the 9.2.1 install CD, inserted the zip drive, transferred her files to the zip and tehn to my G4 so she could print what she needed, and then did a clean install. Everything was back to normal, thank the good lord.<br><br>I can't figure out what happened, except that I had installed StuffIt Deluxe 7 on the laptop earlier today. So I reverted back to SI 6.5 on her machine and left it at that.<br><br>Not the best evening in the world for this to happen. I wonder if Aladdin would give me my money back for the 2nd copy of SI? Or maybe reimburse me for lost time?<br><br>A joke, folks, just a joke.<br><br>Great wits are sure to madness near allied.--John Dryden, "Absalom and Achitophel"
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