I have over 400 stations on satellite! <br><br>The US is not the only nation. Every single nation in this world is in some kind of debt. Here is a good example for you:<br><br>Romania was under communism and dictatorship while making people's lives an constant envy for what they didn't have. At the same time, the Dictator "Ciausescu" was somewhat of a good economist and wanted to get the country out of debt. On the last days before the revolution, the country had reached a 0 deficit. One of the only countries in the world that was at that point. All of a sudden, weapons were given to the population and a revolution was possible. Noone really knows where all those weapons came from, the guns, grenades, and such, but they were "anonymous" "help" since Communism had to be taken down by all means all of a sudden. It worked, Communism was taken down, and the deficit fell to something around 7 billion in the first months. Ever since, the deficit # has been getting deeper and deeper, while leaving some of the higher class richer and richer while the poor getting poorer and poorer.<br><br>I am not saying that Communism and Dictatorship were good. Whre I am coming to is the fact that once the country had no more deficit, all of a sudden it became "evil" and a war had to be faught with weapons. (as always)<br><br>The US is not the only Ant farm out there. Also, there are not only 1 or 2 people controlling all the Ant farms. But once an ant farm does not run how it is supposed to, it has to be shut down. <br><br>Iraq, right before the war had decided to change it's trading currency from the American $ to the Euro. Quite a coincidence if you ask me. But the "problem" has been taken care of...<br><br>_________________________________________<br>You expect me to sign here or somethin?
"The United States is by far the largest exporter of weapons in the world, selling more weapons than the next 14 countries combined."