"That's all well and good, but I thought your original point had to with the Jews and these banks..."<br><br>Yes, if you look at these banks landing the US the $$, they also own the ammo factories that the US has to borrow the $$ to pay for. The pres gets a small % out of that and he is happy. The rest is just a race of power and control. <br>And it just happends that these people are Jewish. I am not against Jews in general, but these people just happend to be Jewish. Also, they just happpend to be from Israel. <br>How do you think the US economy and the "nice lifestyle" you have was made possible with an economy loosing money by the billions every day?<br><br>_________________________________________<br>You expect me to sign here or somethin?
"The United States is by far the largest exporter of weapons in the world, selling more weapons than the next 14 countries combined."