"But we as America have always been in an awkward position with Israel as it relates to our own Jewish population..."<br><br>Who owns all the big banks that the US has been borrowing money from all these years? I will tell you who. Jewish people that also own the weapon manufacturing companies in the US. <br>So let's see the vicious circle: The US pays them hundreds of billions for weapons, then the US needs money to pay for those so they borrow from their banks, just so that the money goes back into those banks but leaving the country with a bigger and bigger debt every day.<br>At the same time, from owing them that much money, you could say that these people own the US. So What Israel says, US does. <br><br>_________________________________________<br>You expect me to sign here or somethin?
"The United States is by far the largest exporter of weapons in the world, selling more weapons than the next 14 countries combined."