David, you had Verizon. I'd suggest you stay with them by all means, they have the best coverage from what I know. I had AT&T and I have to tell you it was THE worst wireless experience I have ever had. It was so bad in fact, I actually went ahead and switched to T-Mobile 5 months before my AT&T contract runs out (very happy with T-Mobile by the way, they were my carrier also before I switched to AT&T) just to get a carrier that I could actually use a cell phone with. I have the Sony Ericsson T610 and I just love the thing with T-Mobile. The phone I had with AT&T was the Sony Ericsson T68i. Now that may have been part of the reason my AT&T experience was so bad, but no just that alone. I have since talked with people that have new phones like the SE T616 with AT&T as the carrier and basically it sounds like it still blows chunks with AT&T.<br><br>My first choice would be Verirzon for the best coverage and call quality, etc. But, I don't really like their phone selection that much (I wanted one with Bluetooth again).<br><br>If you want Bluetooth then I'd go with T-Mobile and get the T610.<br><br>BTW, you should have 30 days to change your mind. So that is what I would do if I were you. Just be sure you return it so they get it back within the 30 day period. <br><br>I am sure you can find a similar rebate for the T610 so you end up getting the phone for free. Just check places like Amazon and Buy.com, etc. <br><br>