Well, it is confusing reading and sorting out but this is the way I see it.<br><br>You attach the firewre HD (FHD) to computer "A". You initialize the drive and install a system. Then you install your software applications, etc.<br><br>Now you attach the FHD to computer "B". Theoretically all the applications have everything they need to perform successfully on the FHD.<br><br>The question is: does the FHD system have everything computer "B" requires in the system folder to function? I don't have the answer but am wondering if this is what (preferences) the other guy was referring to?<br><br>Is a system folder for a rev. A iMac going to function as a woring system on a G3 blue and white? Just a far out example.<br><br>If this has nothing to do with the question at hand or the price of rice in china, pleas organize a firing squad and meet me in the back yard in 20 minutes.<br><br>Kate<br><br>