What if Google uncovers illegal activity described in the email? Is Google obligated to notify the FBI or the DHLS?<br><br>What if the FBI waits for Google to set precedent and refine the process of skimming people's email and then in the name of the Patriot Act adopt a similar process? Or worse. What if M$ decides to get on board. Imagine M$, who has a track record for pilfering code from the competition, puts out it's own half-baked version that has back doors rife with holes. M$ is always sniffing out additional revenue streams and as soon as the ad agencies jump in with both feet on this Google boogle, Google will have sealed their fate.<br><br>I'm sorry but to me email is personal. Not that I am reluctant to have what I've written exposed or anything like that. It's not necessarily as issue about content for me it's about trust in the email system. To me there is no difference between email and snail mail. I treat both with respect (like a loaded gun). Has anyone ever sealed an envelope extra carefully? I have. I've even taken the extra step to seal a letter by putting a piece of tape over the flap! Some mail of mine I would consider extremely sensitive.<br><br>Until smarter minds have sorted this all out I think Google is treading dangerous ground. I know that unless you are sending encrypted email, all email can be read plain and simple. Just as surely as wireless activity can be intercepted and synthesized, this Google fiasco will open doors to other less-than-honest entreprenuers who can make a handsome living culling people's mail and selling to the highest bidder. American Airlines and Jet Blue comes to mind.<br><br>Besides has anyone ever received a letter through the US Mail that came to you opened? And we'ren't you suspicous of the post office? Where I'm from they have a stamp or label that must be affixed to the envelope stating that it came to them opened. I have often wondered how many people took a peek inside.<br><br><br><br><br>[color:blue]"Outside of the killings, Washington has one of the lowest crime rates in<br>the country,"<br>--Mayor Marion Barry, Washington, DC.</font color=blue>

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