AAUUUGH! why is this so difficult? soldered to the board??? sheesh! i don't want 64 megs soldered to the board...i don't want the 128 soldered to the board. currently the 512 module is over $1,000. i want a lot of ram, but i don't want to pay $1000 when everyone else in the world is paying far less than a dollar a mb. at least the 256 megs of ram is worth it (pricewise), but that would mean a mere 320 megs...oh sheesh! probably fine, but not optimal.<br><br>if the ti-books were considerably faster than the ibook, then i would consider them, but i will be doing the video editing on the much faster desktop anyway. heck i use a lot of firewire and that tends to have the advantage towards ibooks. this computer will be for some word processing/internet and maybe some webpage design while on the road or for a few hours a week in the office and as the main machine until august (meaning some imovie). it is hard to justify a ti-book when it won't even be my main machine. <br><br>thanks for the heads up.<br><br>[color:blue] -sean</font color=blue>