well, for one, the money is not mine, but a federal grant my wife and i won. then again, the more i save, the more i can spend on the highest end g4 tower in late july and a nice monitor. i also have to buy a projector for presenting at conferences and a couple of imacs for the staff.<br><br>the $200 for the dvd version gets an extra 64 megs of ram and dvd. i am not sure it is worth it. in fact, i may not do it. my wife has the pismo and we have watched 1 dvd movie on it in the past year. hmmm! why do i want dvd? i don't. the screen is too small anyway. why not just use my wife's when that need arises (if ever or an actual external home dvd player.)?<br><br>okay, change my story above to the most basic model and i'll buy 2 256 modules of ram and replace the 64 module that comes with it. <br><br>thanx for clearing my head a bit. the money just came through -- finally -- and i am little overwhelmed with choices.<br><br>anywhere to buy quickly (with large HD and airport)?<br><br>[color:blue] -sean</font color=blue>