if i were to drop my mac.com email and account, i would likely go with the google option since they are more "proven" and more likely to have staying power. there is nothing i use my mac.com account that i would worry about privacy concerns for. i also doubt that privacy violations will every mean that a person is viewing your email; rather, they will have computers scan emails to better provide ads. big deal. i am more concerned with my university or ISP viewing my emails than what a computer might find in my secondary email account for most things related to the internet.<br><br>spymac is a goofy name if you want to do anything semi serious with your email address. <br><br>----<br>"even if we get bin Laden or Zawahiri now, it is 2 years 2 late. Al Qaeda is a very different org now. It has had time to adapt. The administration should have finished this job." Leverett, former Bush Natíl Security Cncl staff specialist.