Yeah. I mentioned SpyMac a while back and got a quick email from Larry about it.<br><br>Spymac is about 10 levels higher than MM, MC and any other Mac web site at the moment - as far as what they offer, anyway.<br><br>The forum software (which they wrote themselves, if I recall) is far and away the very best available. It has every feature you could need in a forum. The "Gallery" is soooooo cool. Then they go and add free web sites, free blog sites, free email, free auctions.... did I miss anything?<br><br>Heck, they even offer domain hosting. Here's a sample of their middle of the road package:<br><br>12 months: $17 per month ($204 every 12 months)<br>This Package Includes<br><br> 2 free .com, .net or .org domains<br> Free domain transfers<br> 1000 MB of storage space<br> 40 GB of transfer bandwidth<br> FTP access<br> Unlimited e-mail aliases<br> 100 POP3 and IMAP e-mail accounts with 50 MB of space each<br> Unlimited e-mail forwarding<br> 50 auto-responders<br> Catch-all e-mail address<br> Unlimited sub-domains<br> Two MySQL databases<br> PHP3 and PHP4 support with GD, ImageMagick and FreeType<br> Perl support (free CGI-Bin)<br> Server Side Includes (SSI)<br> Mod_Rewrite<br> Password protected directories<br> Daily backups of your website<br> Access to log files<br> Webalizer stats<br> Customizable error pages<br> Easy to use control panel for account management<br><br><br> My uptime is longer than yours, therefore my e-penis is longer.
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