Last year, at work, I proposed replacing our PC audio workstations with G4's and Digi001 Pro Tools workstations. After several presentations and a written proposals, the higher-up's agreed and in June '03, out went the PC's and in came six G4 towers, six 17" Flat-panel displays and six Digi001's.<br><br>The best part, aside from using industry gold-standard software, is recording clients at work, burning the session file to CD and bringing it to my Pro Tools setup here at home. This morning I've edited 15 :60 commercials, burned them to CD, made a master for the clients, one for the Salesperson and one for our archives .. all while enjoying a few cups of coffee and a nice leisurely pace here at home. <br><br>Life, my friends, is good!<br><br>***********<br><br>[color:blue]as long as you're ordering double entendres, make mine a large, throbbing one</font color=blue>
***************<br><br>This space left intentionally blank