What your Sysadmin had was a combination of NIS (network Information Services) and NFS (Network File Systems). The NIS part controlled the your log on information and the NFS part was used in keeping the user data. By using NIS and NFS, a end user can log on any workstation. In your example they were sgi Octanes (I wish I still had mine ).<br><br>The challenge is doingthe same thing in the Mac OS X environment, which I think can be done. You don't need to worry about NIS or NFS. I you have a small netowrk of system, which I assume you do. You can do with out NIS and NFS. The first problem is to create one system as your file server. This server is the place where all of your data will reside. Once you have created the file server you will mount that file system on each of the other systems (clients). The next step is to point the logged in your id to the mounted user's data directory (folder). The major problem which you will have to resolve is the permissions problem.<br><br>I don't think it is hard to do. Just a little thought is in involved.<br><br><br>
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