My second relationship post, don't read if it offends or you take it too seriously like some people with the last one.<br><br>A few weeks ago a girl in a messed-up relationship (they've been together for over a year, but they don't call themselves boyfriend/girlfriend for who knows what reasons, not normal situation by any standards) was trying to lecture me on relationships. She tried playing cupid, asking me to ask out a mutual friend of ours, and buy the girl dinner. I cringed. I told the girl, I don't mind buying a woman dinner, as long as the 19th amendment is repealed (I believe this is the amendment that allows women the right to vote, I'm not sure).<br><br>My point is, in our modern society, I view a woman as an equal, and it is a turn off that I would have to pay for dinner, movies, and basically everything. I don't mind covering for a friend, but my friends don't expect me to shell for them every time, and they cover me also. A woman that can't manage her own finances, and depends on a "knight in shinning armor" is no-woman for me. She called me a nut-case, making it look like I'm some sorta weirdo for this view since that's what she expects from a man. I immediatly pointed out a mutual friend of ours with the same views when it comes to dating, and she called him a nutcase also (by the way, he's a Republican also, concidience ?). <br><br>Oh well, I said that my friend and I believe in a fair-and-balanced relationship, not being "whipped" (I didn't actually use the term whipped). What I didn't say, but observed is that my Republican friend's fiancee might have him whipped by say 60/40, but that's okay, since all relationships will have the female more in control. In their relationship, they discuss which movies to see, what things to do, never put each other down (atleast in public) and share costs of movies, dinner, etc. The girl who called me a wacko, she controls her guy 90/10. Her man has to see the most feminine movies, or else, and she won't come and see any of his movies (she personally made him watch one of the girliest movies, while a bunch of us where out, the guys saw Pool Hall Junkies). He has to nurture her everyday while she makes fun of him in public, and when she is sick, he has to be with her the entire time, giving her full attention. She constantly talks about "hot" guys, while if he says something about a girl...<br><br>I once said to him, the GOP friend, and a fourth guy that all guys are whipped in the end. Ironically, the guy who was whipped the most, him, was the only one who disagreed ;-).<br><br> Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country .