I would not change the minimum allocation at all. If you do, it means that the app will always take that much RAM, even if it's not using it. So if you have a tiny little app, like SimpleText, which has a minimum allocation of 190 or so K, and you up that to 100 MB, then it will always use 100 MB, and none of that will be available for other apps. On the other hand, if you raise the preferred memory, the app will be allocated up to the amount you designate. So if you raise the preferred memory of SimpleText to 100 MB, it will still use only the couple of hundred K that it regularly uses. The rest will still be available for other apps.<br><br>Raising memory allocation will almost always make your app more stable. You'll never get an "out of memory" message. And so on. With X, of course, all of that allocating is done by the OS itself.<br><br>And that's true too/--Shakespeare, King Lear
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