Well, I got my new 20 gig iPod last week and it *was* beautiful. I've had a 5 gig for almost a year and used it everyday, including running, biking, you name it and it never missed a beat.<br><br>The first time I took the 20gig one jogging it wouldn't load the songs into memory (as someone said in this thread long ago). After checking the Apple discussion forums, sure enough, a lot of people with the 10 and 20 gig versions have the same problem. Apparently, something about the 10 and 20 gig iPod HDs is different and it has much more trouble loading the RAM when it is being jiggled around. Crap! There is not one person who has experienced this with the 5 gig version.<br><br>I poked around in the Apple Knowledge base and found this article which states, "iPod is designed to handle rigorous activity such as jogging or running..."<br><br>So, I wrote Apple and in 24 hours they had already sent a box for repair. I sure hope they can fix it. <br><br>---<br><br>By the way, my wife is sure smug with the 'hand-me-down' 5 gig. Maybe this will teach me not to be so greedy about the new stuff! <br><br>