Blood on the Rooftops<br>Genesis<br><br>Dark and grey, an English film, the Wednesday Play<br>We always watch the Queen on Christmas Day<br>Won't you stay?<br><br>Though your eyes see shipwrecked sailors you're still dry<br>The outlook's fine though Wales might have some rain<br>Saved again.<br><br>Let's skip the news boy (I'll make some tea)<br>The Arabs and the Jews boy (too much for me)<br>They get me confused boy (puts me off to sleep)<br>And the thing I hate - Oh Lord!<br>Is staying up late, to watch some debate, on some nation's fate.<br><br>Hypnotised by Batman, Tarzan, still surprised!<br>You've won the West in time to be our guest<br>Name your prize!<br><br>Drop of wine, a glass of beer dear what's the time?<br>The grime on the Tyne is mine all mine all mine<br>Five past nine.<br><br>Blood on the rooftops - Venice in the Spring<br>Streets of San Francisco - a word from Peking<br>The trouble was started - by a young Errol Flynn<br>Better in my day - Oh Lord!<br>For when we got bored, we'd have a world war, happy but poor<br><br>So let's skip the news boy (I'll go make that tea)<br>Blood on the rooftops (too much for me)<br>When old Mother Goose stops - they're out for 23<br>Then the rain at Lords stopped play<br>Seems Helen of Troy has found a new face again.<br><br>