Artist: Neutral Milk Hotel<br><br>Gardenhead/ Leave Me Alone<br><br>There are beads that wrap<br>Around your knees that crackle into the dark<br>Like a walk in the park like a hole in your head<br>Like the feeling you get when you realize you're dead<br>This time we ride roller coasters into the ocean<br>We feel no emotion as we spiral down to the world<br>And I guess it's worth your time<br>Because there's some lives you live<br>And some you leave behind<br>It gets hard to explain<br>The gardenhead knows my name<br><br>Leave me alone, for you know this isn't the first time<br>In fact this is twice in a row<br>That the angels have slipped through our landslide<br>And filled up our garden with snow<br>And I don't wish to taste of your insides<br>Or to call out your name through my phone<br>For the glory boys at your bedside will love you<br>As long as you're something to own<br><br>Follow me through a city of frost covered angels<br>I swear I have nothing to prove<br>I just want to dance in your tangles<br>To give me some reason to move<br>But to take on the world at all angles<br>Requires a strength I can't use<br>So I'll meet you up high in your anger<br>Of all that is hoping and waiting for you <br>_________________________________<br>Album: On Avery Island (1996) <br><br><br>