My ISP is going out of business. Not exactly big news these days but In my case they are in cahoots with the local cable company and this cable modem is the only high speed access I can get hereabouts. <br><br>It appears my only option will be a satellite system from Starband or DirecPC. Both now offer two way stsems with downloads upwards of 500 and downloads upwards from 125. <br><br>Has anybody used either of these systems? <br><br>The installation is very expensive (700 bucks) and I have to run it from a Windoze machine (which I'll also have to but - I've never owned or worked on a wintel box) <br><br>I hate this but I need highspeed access for my business and my dialup line will only hookup at 26400 over my rural phone line<br><br>