Thats the odd bit. On the CD they couldn't be.<br><br>Thats the really strange issue here which leads me to believe that either:<br><br>A) A config file is being read on the HD which may be corrupted, even upon CD boot. Which is extremely unlikely.<br><br>B) The network itself is causing the problem - either the modem (XDSL modems are quirky things...), is tryint to talk to this unresponsive computer - unresponsive for one of two reasons (1 - corrupted drivers. 2 - missing drivers [when CD booted]) which is entirely plausible, but unlikely, or two, a standard network kinda glitch... how long have you given it before deeming it completely "crashed"?<br><br>Do you have Macsbug installed? If so, upon crash, drop into the debugger, and type "bye". See if it lets you escape...<br><br>(bye terminates networking, etc).<br><br>Cipher13<br><br>