I had to look InkWell up to see what it is. I wouldn't use it even if I had a graphics tablet.<br><br>That got me thinking about which Apple included apps I do use. <br><br>In order of use:<br><br>1. TextEdit<br>2. Preview, for quick image viewing<br>3. Mail<br>4. Snapz Pro, until Panther broke it<br>5. iTunes, only occasionally<br>6. iChat, infrequently <br>7. Stickies, keep a couple of lists here<br>8. Calculator, occasionally<br>9. GraphicConverter, for when PhotoShop won't open something and sometimes a slide show (just to remind me how much I dislike slide shows).<br>10. DVD Player, used it twice to see if it worked<br><br>I get the idea that I'm the type of customer that's not on Apple's radar.<br><br>
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