Often, I wonder if that's the intent of the string of trolls at MacCentral--to make people so miserable they'll leave.<br><br>Personally, I never left because of any troll or sockpuppet- I left because I was being made to feel like a brainless moron by a 'regular member'. I didn't come to MacMinute because I agree with everyone in here 100% of the time (see 'backslappers'), but what I did find was a smaller, more reasonable group of people who can carry on an argument or a discussion without resorting to personal attacks when something goes against their personal beliefs. <br><br>And thankfully, even when a few of us DO get in a scuffle, the grudges held around here are mercifully short..<br><br>[color:red]You slap my back, I'll slap yours!</font color=red>