Believe me, I've done the same thing, DM. And I mean a LOT. I don't know about Sam's initial post; I don't hang out at SpyMac. I replied about MacCentral. It's another forum, and it's undergoing another troll; I guess it's going around. The thing is, why should anyone have to put up with trolls? To use Sam's toilet analogy, what if every time you went into your favorite bar, someone opened the roof and emptied a Port-a-Potty on everyone's head? And everyone is supposed to just turn around and enjoy their beer? It wouldn't be your favorite bar for long! Often, I wonder if that's the intent of the string of trolls at MacCentral--to make people so miserable they'll leave.<br><br>Shooshie<br><br><br>[color:green]Pictures and things</font color=green>
Pictures and Things