The deal with MacCentral is that there seems to be a queue of anonymous agitators waiting to become the next avengers of all the wrongs foisted upon the world by the commies and libbies. For example, the current guy signed up about three weeks ago and has made over 200 posts in that short time, with growing intensity, gradually insulting more and more people. The behavior has become an established one; it happens again and again. <br><br>Why? If someone wants to talk, what's wrong with just posting or joining conversations? It's a little hard to ignore a guy with adolescent maturity level who makes that many flame-baiting posts with a mentality that he's going to teach everybody a lesson. Where does he even get the time for it? <br><br>It seems to me that whoever does it isn't really there to interact with us in any way other than to stir up the hornet's nest and make MacCentral look like a mean and dirty place. I've seen this forum just as bad, if not worse, on many occasions. <br><br>As one who fell for some of the present agitator's bait-posts, I hope it dies down soon. We just begin to enjoy normal conversation in our forum when another jerk has to come along and start flame wars again. It would really be nice if it would stop, but there appear to be some people carrying grudges who don't intend to ever let it stop. But I think you're wrong to cast the entire blame on the people of MacCentral or the "elders and their band of flying monkeys." Consider the entertainment challenged person who anonymously enters that forum, usually to fond welcomes, and then just proceeds to rip everything to shreds--with plenty of smiley faces, this time. He isn't the victim of political oppression; he's just a flame-baiter who, like most flame-baiters, has reached the martyrdom point where he starts screaming "look, look, they're beating me up!." If you actually were to read carefully, you'd find some pretty well-reasoned responses to him. And he backs off now and then. He's really good! He plays the forum like a fish on a line. Backs off, sounds humble, then hits people again... backs off, a little more fake humility, then insult. No, MacCentral isn't the cause of what's happening there, but I do think we're all going to have to come over here to MacMinute to get away from these guys who won't stop this endless cycle of "poop."<br><br><br>Shooshie<br><br>[color:green]Pictures and things</font color=green>
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