Guys ... if you went over to ResEx and scanned back to the Opera discussions in the threads, try searching Opera at ResEx,.. not much on it there but what is there is good... •fiddle with the font settings and header settings... it is very accomodating towards having itself set to suit your needs <br>•and hey it refuses to work in here without cookies ALL enabled<br>•turn off save window settings, try switching the browser recognition types.. USE a RAM cache... do a bit of hacking use your intuition... I did that in pt1... every install since has used the same prefs!!!automatically. <br>I have it set on the ResExcellence forum beautifully ... it is a bit wide on the ResEx main page but does Version Tracker well and I was in here posting with it the other day... works fine once you set it up properly... just remember not to ask it to do anything that you know it can't do... like it is ridiculous that they ask you to set it as your preferred browser for the love of ... as a browser for downloads and forum bashing I find it a super speedy breezy browser...<br>I have no trouble with it crashing IE but then IE is not set as preferred browser... I never would allow that to happen.<br>IE usually works fine for me too though it can get upset that I have been playing with settings and things without letting it know first... sometimes just decides to force me to restart but not very often... usually after a lot of work with more than one browser open.<br><br>