i think it says ..Fat people SHYT ME....i didnt say they are SHIIT, their obeseness is a drain on our health system, and they can do something about it. Eating lo-cal, lo joule high fibre diet foods is a crock of pooh they get sucked into. The USA has the most OBESE people of any other nation. Get off that bloody couch, put down the remote control and talk a walk...yeah a few laps around the globe might be a good start, <br>Sensitive bunch aren't we....must be a few gut busting slobs on line this week, <br>Diabeties, Heart attacks, clogged arteries,<br>Gee next time i have a go at someone it will be the smokers, another bunch of LOSERS<br>Get off the bandwagon and walk outside in the real world and see there are Too Many FAT people, taking up valuable space.<br><br>