The lazy slob part was just more or less a quote of what he said earlier. Of course I realize that many times, someone is going to be overweight no matter what they do or eat. But it's the guy that sues McDonalds for being 180lbs overweight because he didn't realize that eating 2 super-sized meals a day for the last 5 years would make him overweight! Sorry, I've got no sympathy for them at all.<br><br>And yes, the "shyt" comment is pretty stupid of him, but he's young, and he hasn't figured out that in a very short time, he's going to be gaining weight, losing hair, listening to music at a much lower volume and coming to the startling realization that big tits aren't the only important thing in the world! <br><br>[color:green]When you eat a can of beans you can't be sure which one made you fart.</font color=green>
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