yo glue is the best-most substances are just sticky but remain liquid. what your looking for when you have a fourteen inch long mohawk like i did before i trimmed it you want something that you can put in as a liquid and will become rock solid holding your spikes and that will come out readily in water. elmers glue is perfect cause its water soluble-only problem is in a sweaty mosh pit thrashing around your sweat leaves you with giant spikes hangin off your head. oh and the guys in that picture are loathed by their local punk scene, the one used to have a mohawk but is rebelling against punk fashion adn the other is a replacement for the original bass player who was responsible for the bands awesomeness back in the day. theyre both losers responsible for the decline in the quality of anti-flag. mohawks are awesome though<br><br>"Dyin's just another part of life." J.D. '84-'02