If a bunch of rich arseholes patting each other on the back isn't your cup of tea, there's plenty else to watch tonight:<br><br>Star Wars 1: Phantom Menace<br>Rules of Engagement<br>Willy Wonka<br>Dirty Harry<br>Braveheart<br>Little Nicky<br>3000 Miles to Graceland<br>Patton<br>Toy Story<br>The Terminator<br>Glitter (oh yeah!)<br>My Cousin Vinny<br>Joe Dirt<br>Alien Resurrection<br>Rocky<br><br>Phew! Can't they spread these out a little? I know they've got the Oscars to compete with, but every other weekend there's nothing to watch. And tonight, there's everything!<br><br>