I pretty much go overboard with my Mac maintenance. What I've done is create a SuperUtilities Disk. I have TechTool Pro, DiskWarrior, Disk First Aid and a 9.1 system folder so that I can boot off of this disk.<br><br>TechTool takes care of all my general diagnostic/repair needs, while DiskWarrior keeps my directiories optimized and PlusOptimizer (included with DiskWarrior) keeps my drives optimized. I boot up from this disk at least once a week and check my computer for any problems and optimize the drives - like I said, I go overboard, but then I've never had a meltdown or any major problems. There's also a great little AppleScript that you get with DiskWarrior that you put in your ShutDown Items Folder that auto-magically optimizes your hard drives. It's great. Just let my HD's get optimized when I go to sleep, I wake up and everyone's happy!<br><br>A lot of people use Norton Disk Doctor over TTP, but since having to deal with their customer service a little over a year ago, I will not support that product. Besides I think TTP is a better all-round product with the exception of it's Drive Optimization feature which it incredibly slow! (That's why I use PlusOptimizer - just as fast and efficient as Speed Disk).<br><br>The bottom line is that most Mac Gurus I think will agree that if you have TechTool Pro, DiskWarrior and Norton Utilities you will be pretty much covered. Since there is a lot of functionality overlap with NDD and TTP you can probably pick one over the other and you'll be fine, but I highly recommend DiskWarrior. Even though it is a very specialized tool (Directory Optimization) it is worth it's weight in gold IMO and the inclusion of PlusOptimizer just makes it a must have for any Mac owner.<br><br>Here's the links to the products I mentioned:<br>DiskWarrior/PlusOptimizer<br>TechTool Pro<br>Norton Utilities<br><br>