I know there are several artists and photographers here, so I thought I would start a "Post your desktop photo" thread. These can be on any subject you want, so don't think it has to be Apple-related. The idea is to create a "history" of our work. If we continue to post in this thread, over time we will have quite a nice collection.<br><br>[color:green]Please post only custom-made photos - not just a big photo from some web site you downloaded. The idea is to show off YOUR talent, not someone elses (though using pieces of other people's work is OK, as long as you have customized it in some way.) <br><br>*Please post only the full photo (no screenshots) and please provide at least two sizes (I recommend 1600x1200 and 1024x768 pixels) so that people with different size screens can at least resize them to fit properly. Be sure to link to them, so others can use your art on their desktop.</font color=green><br><br>I have several to start with, so I created a page on my web site,<br>rather than filling a post with a ton of thumbnails and links.<br>You can view them here.<br><br>Here's a sample:<br><br><br><br> What?<br>Visit My Web Site!
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