If 6 Was 9<br>jimi hendrix <br><br>If the sun refused to shine<br>I donít mind, I donít mind<br><br>If the mountains, fell in the sea<br>Let it be, it ainít me.<br><br>Got my own world to live through and uh, ha!<br>And I ainít gonna copy you.<br><br>Now if six turned out to be nine<br>Oh I donít mind, I donít mind<br><br>If all the hippies cut off all their hair<br>Oh I donít care, oh I donít care.<br>Dig.<br><br>ícause Iíve got my own world to live through and uh, huh<br>And I ainít gonna copy you.<br><br>White collar conservative flashiní down the street<br>Pointiní their plastic finger at me, ha!<br>Theyíre hopiní soon my kind will drop and die but uh<br>Iím gonna wave my freak flag high, high!<br>Oww!<br><br>Wave on, wave on...<br><br>Ah, ha, ha<br>Fall mountains, just donít fall on me<br>Go ahead on mister business man, you canít dress like me<br>Yeah!<br><br>Donít nobody know what Iím talkiní about<br>Iíve got my own life to live<br><br>Iím the one thatís gonna die <br>when itís time for me to die<br><br>So let me live my life the way I want to<br>Yeah, sing on brother, play on drummerÖ<br>_________________________________________<br><br>Acesó the best part of tonight.<br><br>Jimi, Jim, JimiÖ my own personal Jimi is screwed.<br>His nose does not stop running, and the Jim is where?<br>I don't know<br><br>Some where, I can no longer try to imagine<br><br>Good people once roamed the Earth.<br><br>Here is the proof, 1967 JHendrix<br>What a trick, little baby party boyÖ<br><br>We should all be so lucky.<br><br>