Ok, so back when iTunes let you share over the internet, I gave my brother my iTMS password and he gave me his so we could both listen to each other's libraries over the internet...Now we both sorta gave up with that whole scene.<br><br>In relation to my iPod post in the Lounge, I'd like to test my iPod's ability to sync here at work. Unfortunately, I am not able to copy anything I bought from the store to the Pod because it tells me this machine 'isn't authorized', and that I've already used up my three chances.<br><br>Well, my 2 machines at home plus my brother's makes 3, but the only problem is he doesn't seem to be able to deauthorize his machine as it relates to my music. If he hits 'deauthorize' within iTunes, all he does is limit his ability to play his OWN music.<br><br>Anything we can do, or is that one authorization forever lost to me now?<br><br>