True, and while I'm no expert in anything to do with development, from what I've read this could be different. A couple things make this standout from Virtual PC. For one it wouldn't require Windows... at all! As a Mac user I'm not thrilled about paying for a Windows license on top of OSX. <br><br>Secondly, the emulator they want to use (QEMU) is supposedly 65 times faster than the most popular x86 emulator (Bochs). Of course that just means its 65 times faster than "slower than mud". <br>This thing is in an uphill battle, but I would sure love to see it succeed.<br><br>Something that would be great, but very unlikely to happen, is if Apple could take this open source project and help out. Unlikely, but wow that would be great.<br><br>I don't agree with you about the E-Machine solution for Mac users. I work both at work and at home and sometimes on the road. What, should I buy two Emachines, one for work and one at home? Or should I just carry two laptops, one crappy PC one with my Powerbook? Nah, getting a whole other machine just so you can occasionally open a few documents in some wacko program is not a good alternative. Its not so much about price, but rather convenience. <br><br>