Can someone tell me the intricacies of these two monitors? <br>1. the bulkier <a href="">Flat screen</a> at 19" vs. the skinny <a href="">Flat panel</a> at 17".<br><br>There is about a $900 difference in these two monitors. Is that worth it? the cheaper flat screen monitor has a much better dot pitch (which i don't fully understand, but i believe that helps make images more clear -- e.g., for my photoshop work). <br><br>i am also considering the apple monitor at 17", but it only works with newer G4's? i would have to buy a $150 converter and i might consider it if the flat panels are really worth the extra $700 - $1000. <br><br>oh, i do a lot of photoshop and video work. cheers!<br><br>[color:blue] -sean</font color=blue>