(with apologies to Greenme1 and other teens who are exceptions)<br><br>I'm in a new mall (the cart business) and it's my second day. This is is a completely different vibe from the Prudential Center. The Pru is a center of shops that is open 24-7 and also has businesses and offices. There is constant traffic, not a lot of it shoppers but I've gotten used to people just walking by.<br><br>HERE it's almost completely different. Because it's a destination mall (read: people come here exclusively to shop or meet and loiter with their friends) people's walking paces are slower. It's noisier.<br><br>There are (and here's the rant) HORDES of teenagers just bored out of their minds and unwilling to go home or too young to hang out anywhere else. <br><br>Mind you, there are worse places for these young people to hang out in and the mall is relatively safe. But I think it's the first time in a long time I've been able to just sit at the cart and watch teenagers in action.<br><br>They're hyper reactive! Example: One group of teens was at a cap cart and she pulled a cap from it's shelf. The plastic shelf came off and I heard a loud squeal of embarrassment which was followed by frantic fingers madly trying to wedge it back into it's slot. <br><br>And they're loud. Incredibly obnoxious sometimes. I think it's official, I'm turning into the old fogey we're all destined to be! <br><br>I was a teenager, I'm sure I was all of that -- but it is almost comical to watch them flirt (some kid @ss slapped a girl), tease, get anxious, socialize (they huddle) and just move in packs. <br><br>sigh. <br><br>