Patriot act revision, yeah great, they're trying to build a prison for you and me, and I have proof-<br>More prison beds, troopers, judges called for despite lower crime rate<br>Posted, January 21 2004<br><br>Florida's violent crime rate is the lowest it has been in 30 years, but Gov. Bush is nonetheless asking legislators to boost spending on prisons and to hire more highway patrol troopers.<br> <br> The governor credits part of the drop in crime to criminals now serving 85 percent of their sentences. To ensure they stay behind bars, he is seeking $99.6 million for construction, including a new 1,380-bed prison in Washington County and two new 262-bed work camps. He also wants to add on to existing facilities and purchase land for a prison site.<br><br>So WTF are they getting ready for???<br><br><br>Break our backs, kill our future, hurray!<br><br>Real people are those of us who could care less about the heritage of hate and would rather debate how to coexist without the pollution and greed.<br><br>Face it, the GOP is the 4th reich, the Chinese war machine, the suicidal sammuri perhaps.<br><br>Ya gotta be a real nazi to say different.<br><br>And I loathe every one of you ignorant Bush supporters, Earth killers, kill for thrill.<br><br>Forever the battle is right here, even as they bomb and shoot the innocent abroad in the world.<br><br>This land is so overrun, it's getting pathetic.<br>Rats in cages, internally the war rages.<br>Fear mongering is a lame tool, why not just get the holy war going on CNN/FOX, just flash religious symbols all day instead of social jargin, the faith based crap only makes people dependent on things that don't even exist, hence a new way to make money, the whole fear industry, the whole more is better ideology. <br><br>I love how only half the floor stood and cheered when the commander and theif spewed the Cheney mantra...<br>That red tie to China around their necks is oh so obviously bright.<br><br>Someday I'll have my gallery at least, unless my own commit me or report me to the gestapo. Surely it'll makes it's way through the mac forums, maybe even to some artists that could use my work... it's at a crawl, yet on the way nonetheless. <br><br>My first one has the demon wing of CORRUPTION which shades over the cemetary, graves of the fallen. The two skeleton hands grabbing at the dove of peace. The roman column that props up a jetfighter/bomber w/the McDonalds logo on the wing. The snake rapping around the twin towers creating the dollar sign. The fragmented CD, flakes of aluminum in the plastic. All wired to the bottom left computer, a sliver of wood with griptape from a kid's board downtown Hollywood FL, once they skated there freely, now 5 years later, it's illegal and the cops love to harras surely.<br><br>Someday when my bills are paid, I'll take up the website for all to scratch their heads over.<br><br>Sometimes I feel like sayihng goodbye America, good luck becoming the next Argentina. But then again, that would be quitting, right? So, rehab is for quitters, pill overdosing rightwing radio freaks, dry drunks and such, NOT FOR ME!<br><br>[color:red]Environmental damage has been a factor in political unrest.</font color=red> UN, 011304